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One of the problems that is always present in medical tourism is the uncertainty of the stages of travel and the lack of sufficient information. We at Borna Medical Tourism Institute have solved the problem for you by clarifying how we use our services and the process.
The stages of travel and how to use Borna medical tourism services are as follows:
1- You check our services through the website.
2- You call our specialist consultants and talk to them about your services. Then our consultants will determine the right service for you, through consultation with a specialist.
3- The price of your service will be calculated and announced to you.
4- Passport and Visa services and advice will be prepared for your trip and after you pay the price of the services, booking and reservations will be done.
5- You enter Iran and as soon as you arrive at the airport, our translators and consultants will be there to guide you and will be with you throughout your stay in Iran.
6- You will be transferred to your desired place to stay and then you will be operated on by a specialist physician at the appointed time.
7- All before-surgery and after-surgery medical services will be provided, and after completing a recovery period, you can tour Iran as a tourist using Borna tourism services if you wish.
8- You are safely returned to your home and country and the Borna Institute will remotely monitor your medical status and you can also communicate with your specialist physician.
We’ve got your back.
Borna Medical Tourism Association