1- How can I trust Borna Medical Tourism Services?
The experience of the Borna Institute’s professional staff and our specialist doctors and their brilliant record will guarantee a positive outcome of your trust.
2- I have contradictory information about traveling to Iran and not exactly familiar with the Iranian situation. Will my trip to Iran be a safe and trouble-free trip?
If you take a look at the reviews of tourists coming to Iran, you will be amazed. Iran is a country with complete security and people are kind and hospitable. Your trip to Iran will be completely safe and wonderful.
3. Do I receive insurance services during my stay in Iran?
Yes. You will be provided with different types of tourist insurance services and everything will be guaranteed.
4- I don’t know exactly what surgery or medical procedures to choose. Will I receive appropriate medical advice before surgery?
Yes. Our consultants will consult with you from the moment you call us and will coordinate with a specialist physician. During your stay in Iran and even after your operation and return to your country, consulting and reviewing the Borna Institute will continue.