According to the international rules, the people who choose to travel to Iran are required to be insured after arriving in Iran. This insurance includes both medical and non-medical treatments. In Borna med tour, In addition to the healthcare we provide you, we also insure you to provide a guarantee beyond the good treatment that in addition to achieving the therapeutic goal we seek, we will guarantee you financial security and spiritual reassurance.
IRHA is provided to all foreigners and residents of countries outside of Iran who wish to travel to Iran, and these individuals can obtain insurance services at a cost.
Terms and conditions of the IRHA insurance policy:
1. This insurance policy is issued only to foreign travelers traveling to Iran or residents of foreign countries residing in Iran.
2. This insurance policy starts with the arrival of insured tourists to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3. The premium rate is determined based on the duration of the presence in Iran and the age of the patient and is based on and calculated by Euro (€) currency .
4. This insurance policy does not have any age restrictions.
5. The term “maximum length of stay” for long-term “6 months or 12 months” insurance policies is 92 days.
6. During the validity period of the insurance, medical expenses will be paid up to 10,000 euros. Services covered by insurance include such as surgical, medical, and poisoning services.
7. If an insured person suffers injury following an accident or illness, the IRHA insured person is admitted to the nearest hospital. The patient will also be transferred to a more advanced hospital in Iran in urgent situations and will be transferred to a hospital in their own country, if necessary.
8. The insured person can obtain, through IRHA, information on health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, specialist doctors, laboratory centers and ambulances.
9. In the event of any incident, the deceased’s body and children will be returned to their home country and their families.
10. In the event of the missing documents of an insured person, such as airline tickets, passports, etc., IRHA will assist in replacing those documents.
11. Legal Aid: Legal Aid is one of the branches and insurance services for foreigners and residents of countries outside of Iran.