Today, health tourism has become a widespread thing in many countries, attracting a lot of attention. According to the new definition of tourist medicine, as in the past, it does not just address the issue of patient treatment, but it also means the collection of all necessary tourist services along with the patient’s desired health care. In Borna med tourism, this defines us to provide all of these services as ready-made packages to make your treatment process as easy and feasible as possible for you.

Saving money
Iran is a country with a high level of medical services in the region. Due to the availability of up-to-date equipment and qualified specialists and doctors, due to the currency changes that have taken place in the country, Iran is a good destination for health tourism to the surrounding countries. In Borna med tour, we will provide you with the best medical and tourism services at a reasonable cost.

Saving time
In addition to solving the problems of transfer and ticket, finding the right doctor, hotel etc By providing all of these services in a ready-made package for tracking all of these for you in order to save your time.

Patient’s rights
All patients’ privacy laws are complied with in accordance with international law and the patient’s personal information and medical records are fully disclosed to the patient. In addition to protecting the patient’s privacy, the file is electronically provided to the patient so that he can use it anywhere.

In Borna med tour, from the time you arrive in Iran, we will insure you until the day you are in Iran that this insurance includes medical and non-medical items.
In case of problems such as loss of money or identification documents, accidents and physical damage, etc. your will be insurance supported.
If there is any medical error, the medical error is a responsibility of the doctor, but we will not leave you alone and will follow through with insurance and will accompany you. Visit the insurance blog for more information on insurance.

Medical centers and doctors
We chose the best and most modern healthcare centers, including hospitals and clinics, to bring you the most appropriate service. These centers provide the most standard equipment and the most experienced medical staff for the treatment you desire to transcend your goal in obtaining a more beautiful appearance and a higher quality of life.

Patient’s security
We guarantee you that we have chosen the most equipped medical centers and the most experienced medical staff. That these centers and doctors have received the necessary training for the tourist to help you make the best possible treatment. Moreover, beyond a good treatment, we promise you a safe journey along with the right treatment.

After performing any of the treatments you are required to follow the doctor and perform re-examinations, and we will not leave you alone here and we will also keep you in touch with your doctor after treatment to answer your questions and problems after treatment.